Captain Canada 



All of the positive elements of Captain Canada, Captain Atlantis and Captain Newfoundland philosophies are all part of the saga started in 1980 with the first Captain Newfoundland and Captain Canada superheroes. The story lines provide the opportunity for positive messages and knowledge that at the present time, on many levels of consciousness, have to be deemed science fiction. This is a slow understanding that's becoming more and more obvious as we see it in its various forms - vibrations, positive sounds, colours, thoughts, positive motivations and comprehension.

The Captain Canada saga is so unique in its comprehension of the battle within as outlined in the sacred books, i.e. the Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita. By the utilization of this and other fragments of knowledge brought together over thousands of years, we are rediscovering the vast amount of information of other civilizations that we have casually put aside by the convenience of accepting Darwin's theory of evolution.

If knowledge is power and we are utilizing the incorrect information, then we are going around in circles. This is the basic part of the philosophy of any great adventure story - which is man seeking the fulfillment and the realization and the enlightenment of who he is. With the acceptance of divine mind, a benevolent positive energy that exists and is unfolding and constantly building and constantly demonstrating perfection - the Captain Canada adventure stories can be an inspiring outlet for the imaginative minds of not only Canadians but for all emerging souls who recognize that they are indeed the directors, producers and scriptwriters of their personal "movie" - a movie that unfolds in direct ratio to our attitudes.

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