The Holy Bible Of Consciousness

Scott Stirling

 "Him, by whose inspiration, by whose power, and on whom depending, the Knower of the field directs the active principle in all creatures and by whose power is impelled the Self, that is the doer and enjoyer in this world - that Hari, the destroyer of the darkness of Samsara, I praise." (Sri Shankara, A.D. 788)

Before man can evolve he must know what he is. The whole of creation is the same Consciousness reflecting or perceiving through different instruments or vehicles. Therefore, Consciousness does not evolve. It is eternal, but the degree of Consciousness in any individual vehicle varies with the given physical abilities and the development or evolution of this tool and abilities. So "man" can be said to be the name for a certain kind of receiver of the one, eternal, unchanging Consciousness.

consciousness MANifested

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