12 Universal Laws

I. The Law of Energy – All is Energy

II. The Law of Vibration – Nothing Rests; Everything is Always Moving

III. As Above, So Below – Everything in God’s World is Reflected Here on Earth

IV. The Law of Polarities – Everything Has Opposites

V. The Law of Cycles – Everything Experiences Cycles of Change

VI. The Law of Cause and Effect – For Every Action There is a Reaction

VII. The Law of Divine Love

VIII. The Law of Transmutation – All Darkness is Consumed or Dissolved By Light

IX. The Law of Harmony – Everything Must Be in Harmony with Other Aspects of the Universe

X. The Law of Balance – All Energy Must Be in a Constant State of Balance

XI. Law of Perfection – Divine Will is Perfection in All Things

XII. The Law of Oneness – All that Exists is a Part of God